Love is who I am

Poetry Philosifloetry… Sweeter than a Billets Doux.. Sit back well I spit this at you.  Culture, Multi Culture, Race, Diverse, Diversity.  Tell me what’s your take on me. What you think you see???

A Superstar. Hold Card, Actress, Dream Maker, Fearless, Extreme, Ambitious, Love, Happiness, Class, Style, Eternity, Money Maker. ALWAYS! THE ART. THE DREAM. THE LOVE. “I know who I am.”

My definition on LOVE………? Love is who I am. How I express myself. Being the unique person I was created to be. Love is God. Love is passion, fearless & magical. Love is crazy yet simple. I guess I would say…  love is a contradiction. Love speaks boldly. Yet softly. Love does not give up   or  withhold itself. Love does not force itself on others to feel better about it self. Love is not being afraid to tell somebody who I am. Or,  Where I came from. Love does not expect or demand. Love does not have Limits, Restrictions or Conditions. Love is the key. It is the key that allows me to see More in to myself, For myself and About myself.  So….. To you I say. Give your smile to everyone! And your to only one.


  1. Hi Romy! Nice to see you again love.. It has been awhile. Missed you.. Thank you for your sweetness.. as always. And, YES “YOU” can and DO share your views, feelings, thoughts and LOVE in ways that help me to understand myself. Thank You for YOU!


  2. go ahead, create my day! finally i believe i’ve found a meaning of love that can kick my ass… ya’ll make me feel replete, (urp, compliments to the Chef’s)


    1. Chuck, Your words make me smile, a little giggle.. Thank you! So, I had to look up replete. I LOVE THAT. (Learning new words!) <— Thank you. I'm happy to have been able to concoct something to fill your plate in a loving way.. on this whimsical Monday. XOXO =)


  3. I like this post a lot. Makes me smile 🙂 . I like your take on love. It is so honest and true. I share a lot of the same views you do, but you put into the words I could not. I’ll definitely keep your words in mind.


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