On tilt

I wish I knew what to say. I wish I could turn back time and make the pain go away. I wish I knew how to calm the storm. I wish us fighting wasn’t the norm. I wish that postman never cut his eyes. I wish I never told Lord I won’t live long and want to die. I wish I never lost control. I wish you never violated me and pressed record. I wish I believed all the Post-it‘s on my door. I wish my heart didn’t break each time you walk out the door. I wish I could hold on just a little longer. I wish my mind could focus and not wander. I wish I knew more about you. I wish you could embrace my racing heart stay home and hold me when I’m falling apart. Wish I could stop adding everything to cart. Smoked so much my brain went dead. Smoked to put me to bed. Wish pone was here and not dead. Wish I didn’t wake up each day overwhelmed with exhaustion and dread. Hard watching you live your life hard excepting I wasn’t enough to be your wife hard watching myself die hard seeing Lord see me cry. Then ask me why? Emotional mess manic mess suicidal stress constant duress. Fortress. Touch and go quickly here and there. No contact no life contracts. No connection. No protection. Alone too much. Made me awkward as fuck. Communication stuck. 19 year rut. Therapy for me. But, not for us. Inter-dependent crutch. Witchery wonder? Poppits help to stop it. Hormonal roller coaster. Premenopausal. I am rypolar. Unpredictable days triggers my rage. Nights turn to days. Haze. Blur. No more allure. No love sick cure. Magic once Pure. Turned to darkness. Turned on myself. I watch myself placed on the shelf. Collected dust. Patina looking like 41 year old rust. Broken promises. Broken trust. Love confused with Lust. I wish I may. I wish you might.. stay your ass home at night. Seven out of seven. Rest my heart from imagining you in heaven. 7/11 runs used to be fun. That shits played out. Change sucks. Change collect. Every penny adds up. 50/50 equal. But, not really equals. I no longer anticipate the sequel. Synergy. Intrinsic intensity my mind played all in tricks on me. Nothing lasts forever. Romantic at heart. My expectation of our love story tore us apart. I belong to know one. I never gotta plus one. Out here solo. Trying to connect with my sun, my light. My right. You watch me like a hawk. Every move I make you squawk. Critique my every move, choices and thoughts. I repped you like no other. Was the hold card in the middle with you and my brother. Trying to explain it all to my mother… RYNOT BMW plates while another man paid the lease.. While it was you I tried and tried and tried to please. I wrote you a thousand red envelope letters. I waited. I came through. Did everything I said I’d do. Loved and I loved.. Deserted me that shit stung. Carried your young. Murder in the first degree, that pro choice decision will forever haunt me. God almost took away my privilege. Advocated so hard. I beat the system. He gifted me a Lord. Oh the greatness he had in store. I want to take him and hide and tell ALL of you to fuck off. He’s Mine. His birth so hard. My favorite visable scar. Birthed a star. Shine blinding. I share him.. reluctantly and freely. . That’s the surrogate part of me. Trying to fit in. Accepting I don’t. System broke. Reprogramming me. Upgrading me. Wiping my system clean. Even when he’s next to me. I miss him. I wait for you to leave to hold him and kiss him. World’s apart. Key jammed. No push start. Nightmares pushing a kart. Unwanted here. Hush sucks the life out of me. Home life got me where I can’t breathe. 41 year old body brings me to my knees. Slow to keep up. Compete <— Not really ever been me. Just want to be silly. Let go. Live freely. Burn sage and incense all day. Ride my wave. Uninstall my rage. Quit being reminded of my craze. Free myself from this cage. Make a worthy wage. Look forward to goals met. Sunsets. Eyes meet. Instantly safe. Taunt you with make me’s… Make your knees weak. Feel your adoration for me. But lately, my heart stopped. Beat so slow I lay my hand on my chest. Deflated breasts. Pulse.. External source. Combination of my Grandpa and Capone charge my soul. I know I’m going to be okay. Even though I can’t delete the words you wish you never had a baby with me. On a loop. Replay. Repeat. Apology made. Virus stays.

One day.. Some days never come. Doing a disservice to you and our son.. if I stay.. I can’t make this pain go away. I can’t live my life in the gray. In the shadows. You can’t see me. Clouds too thick. Food can’t feed me. My soul is starving. You can’t find me. I tried. I cried. Threw a million tantrums. I kicked and I screamed. I broke everything. I tried. I cried. I threatened my life. Multiple times.. Hospitalized. Rx after rx… I continued to whine. While you dined. I suffocated you while gasping for air. I’m losing my hair. Dark circles under my eyes. Face hollow. Ten thousand in fillers. Still can’t look at myself without a filter. Heart dark. No walk in the park. Steps too big. Can’t keep up. Fibroids growing back. Body once again under attack. Freedom awaits you. I wanted attention. I wanted it ALL. Your my addiction. I’m breaking them all. Spiraling. Downfall. I wanted a date. I wanted recognition. I wanted persistence. I wanted your patience. The words repeat in my head. While I lay alone in our empty bed. PTSD do you really wish you never had a child with me? Battle field scars. Think I’d fit in better on Mars. I have to find myself and love you from afar. I’m too knee deep quick sand closing in. Only wanted to be your friend. Get it together. Grow old with you. Hold for you. Freedom papers months away. I’m out your way. Paved the way. I release you. You’ll feel me forever from the wind on your skin. Nice hand..


depositphotos_63958235-stock-photo-hammer-with-a-broken-cardI give thanks for ALL the time you stayed by my side. It’s now time for you to start your own life. You have made yourself quite clear. Boredom, Resentment, Anger, Misery of being here. I do not deny my life is heavy. That is no question. Move on with your life. You have my blessing.

No-more cracked egg shells.. or watching your mouth. Curse all you need. Say ALL you want. This house is heavy. Attitudes unsteady. Constant duress from the life of heaviness turns to never-ending stress.

Twin ME

They say everyone has a twin. Tell me have you seen her? Have you seen yours? Met yours?

Curious to know where on earth your twin might be?

I can’t tell you how many time I heard the words.. You look just like! Wow, doesn’t she look just like..!

How many times has this happened to you? Do you feel like you look like everybody else?

If you are curious where your twin resides click the button below to submit your photo.

(World wide data base syncing photos – based solely on physical face only).

Destroy Me

Tis Over.
has always been.
each forever scars my very wrist.
scars my existence.
Over who that chose the opposite leaving me?
razors between us are separating.
please fill the gap,
pull in this broken wound,
hold it close ever so tightly and kill not to let forever slip away.
this is it for us who are deserted.
us who are searching,
for the end to set us free.
will it ever set me free?
the scars don’t disappear to you my dear,
they drape of  me as though you must’ve been to fear.
a last kiss sent falling to shards like the pane in my window.
shattered to you.
a last love grained into sands oleander.
For you may only understand if you are the one i write this to,
each breath you take creates a poem,
each smile spread across your face breaks me,
makes me.
You Destroy me.


5760f7f5e3ae60a977cad29330328f84Sometimes you have to take a step back. Change position. New perspective. Even if viewing through blurry eyes. Change of pace. New York’s rat race to L.A.’s blasé dash and shake. How do I feel when I wake? At 8am or 4pm? Am I paying attention to my RPM? Life has away of slowing us down or speeding us up. It’s the moment we realize it’s not up to us. And in the same breath realizing we are in control of the wheel. Which way will I steer? Will I go South or East? Which way is the best way? What would Hawaii feel like? Would I feel trapped like Ginger on Gilligan’s island? Or would I feel safe from no attachment of bordering states? My mental state is calm and chaotic. Very mythotic. ALL Done with absolute logic. I know exactly what I want. Which in a away is haunting. Quite Daunting. My mind is road mapping. Even while napping. I contemplate. Which country? Which state? How BIG my dreams are! What dreams may come of pushing the bar thus far? Even in my dullest moment I know in my heart I was born a star. Where will I shine my light? Ignite? Take flight? I’m not happy. I don’t even like typing those words. I have so much I’m grateful for. To not be happy feels absurd. But, I’m not. I smile wide. To hide all inside. My body aches. I’ve sold myself short and that’s hard for me to take. How much longer am I going to wait? It’s time to let go of my belongings. All possessions that posses me. Capone is all I truly need. I look around my surroundings. What parallelizes me from setting myself free. Is ALL this worth it? I will not succumb to the vulnerability of me feeling lonely. I spend so much time alone. Choosing to be with myself over meet ups and talking on the phone. I let it ring. Nobody’s home. Go away. I’m working on my next play. It’s almost game-day. I have everything riding on this hand. That’s the difference between a plan and a master-plan. I think I can therefor I know I can. I AM a force with in. I have to believe I can do it with or without him. It’s up to me. I’m defined by me. Not him.  I need a moment to let that soak in. 

Broken in. Broke back. Wild to Thoroughbred. Watch out. She’s just about back. Visual. Creator. Couture. Demure. Brilliant. Thoughtful. Insightful. Deliciously delightful. Vanilla exterior. Chocolate interior. A rare breed. Old fashioned with a futuristic edge. I am the wind. I live my life close to the edge. I’ve been known to jump. I keep a close eye on me, myself and I. For we are all very different combined into one breathtaking disaster. Known as RY. I’m shy. I’m bolder then BOLD. My heart is hot and can instantly grow ice cold. I will not fit into your mold. I am not the woman to scold. I know my role. I know yours too. I’ll  hold you to it or I’ll walk through you. Dimensions. Conventional. Unforgettable. The girl you once knew. The girl who got through. Enchanting. Beautiful and precious. Clues given. Dues paid. Body of Jade (royal gem) symbol of good.

Embodies the Confucian virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage, symbolizes the femme fatale. Erotic. Exotic. Hardness. Toughness. An enchanting range created through growing pains. Acquires a special attraction from those worth while. A vision floating on the Nile 4,000 miles. I wait for you. I shape for me. For me and me only. You no longer like what you see. You never understood me. You misread me. You dread me. You want to posses me. Place me in a cage. Suffocate me. Unlike glitter. Diamonds must breathe. After reading ALL this. What I am saying is realize my worth and accept me as I accept me. Imperfectly perfect.  I WILL NOT SUBMIT.