doggie diary


You left me ALL alone..  … . …. .? In this house? Not this house.. I’m out numbered?!? Let me clarify, this LOCO house! Okay, Okay.. maybe a little exaggeration.. Not ALL bad.. I have been getting a lot of walks & some pretty tasty treats too. I really do miss you though daddy.. Nobody knows how to play like you…

So, I’m look in’ real good. Working on my physique.. Getting healthy. My energy back up. Feeling like a young pup again. Double, Triple takes. Little wiggle. No more waddle. Shimi Shake! Your boys looking good Pop! Be ready for you when you get home. Until then me & mommy are holding it down. Can’t wait for things to be normal again..


Dear Daddy,

Where r u? I miss you…. Mommy went crazy and moved us to hell??! My little padded paws are getting burned. I need a pawdicure. Mommy got me some better food. Lots of vitamins and stuff. I think she’s hoping it will balance my mood.. From missing you.. Who is that doggie in the window? That’s me. It’s me.. I like these new kibbles  so much more though.. But, Daddy she never stirs my food up and heats it up in the microwave like you.. She doesn’t play with me like you.. Kinda corny. Between you and me. She has not tried to put to many silly clothes on me here. Thank goodness! It’s too hot for all that.

Daddy, I see your pictures all over. I see all your things.. So, I know you are coming back. I smell you..? Mommy sometimes wears your cologne. She is so silly.. Daddy she even sleeps in your boxer brief’s!  Daddy it’s hard being the man of the house! I just want you to hurry and get home.. Where ever you are.. Rescue me! I’m losing sleep!

ox xoo x


Dear Daddy,Missing you as always… Wondering when you are going to be home. Mommy just says soon.. When is soon? I get lots of attention from everybody. But, it’s not the same… I miss you. I sit and I wait. Mommy says your name and I get ALL excited. How come you didn’t send me a visiting form too..? I know I know.. your waiting to take me somewhere really special.. okay.. How come you have not sent me a poem..? Don’t you miss me? Do you have a hard time at night sleeping without me on your back or on your feet? Guess what! Mommy lets me.. sleep under the sheets! HA!  HA! But, seriously I would not even care.. if you were here.. Well, Mommy is ready for bed.. She is SO boring now! So, that means I.. have to go to bed too.. Heaven forbid I stay up with Side_Bet. I swear Mommy gets so jealous! Some days.. I don’t know how you did it! (never tell her that!)  Pinky paw?Well… Good night Daddy.. Miss and Love you.. Impatiently waiting..


  1. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. (Holy Bible, Romans 10:9) God is our Abba Father, and He loves you, and He sees your pain and wants to comfort you.


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