Growing girl

Always, ask yourself “Is this worth it?” Because, You Are worth it. You are a leader. Lead. Never be a follower. You don’t have to be. Your highly intelligent. Strong. Beautiful. “You know who you are.” My expectations from you are out of this world. Because to me, You are the world.


(lost in translation)

About to file a missing person report. Exhausted, drained near depletion from this search. Does one ever lose hope? How long will I continue to run on fumes? Frustration leads to anger. Rage fueled by pain. Everybody’s easy answer. Pray for her for she’s gone completely insane. Easily believed by the quick look away from […]


Broken system: They refer to as HELP: Psychatrist, Therapist, Psycologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Shrink.

Therapy is crazy expensive! With no insurance (like most of us) and even with it’s an anxiety attack all on its own. Continuously checking your watch.. 20 minutes left… have not even told a fraction of your story. Irritated by this shrinks instant comfort in believing they have me so quickly figured out. Jotting notes, […]