(lost in translation)

About to file a missing person report. Exhausted, drained near depletion from this search. Does one ever lose hope? How long will I continue to run on fumes? Frustration leads to anger. Rage fueled by pain. Everybody’s easy answer. Pray for her for she’s gone completely insane. Easily believed by the quick look away from sickly loss of weight. Snap. Crackle. Pressure, POP! My double jointed joints don’t stop. Circles under eyes. YaWn…! I’m so tired. I wish I could sleep forever. I’m not having any fun on this endeavor. I got the lesson. My punishment internal suffering? God must really love me to allow me to feel so much pain. This is so much to handle. Please God I can’t take no more. Yet, I still must live with what’s on my shoulders. I think that’s why she ran away. Chose a path while shoeless running in the dark on broken glass. Bleeding and screaming I see signs here and there. ² ways to go. The hard knocks all she’s ever known. Even that could never prepare her for what’s ahead of her. Pills and Drugs her form of love & hugs. Developed a method to shrug off the daily hang over. Taking the edge off turned to constant auto pilot high on cloud twelve. Functioning while burning in my living hell. I watch as my spirit melts away. Far Far away• From here• From all this misery & pain. Where do I go? Where do I belong? Where do I fit? How will I know? Wait! I couldn’t hear you! What door!? Did you say.. Please God make it stop! Make it stop. On my knees I beg. I’m sincerely confused. I already won once it was me you chose. Me a beautiful single rose. Remind me. Enlighten me. Guide me. Find me. Drag me. Carry me. Please just don’t you too God give up on me.. even if insane mad in my enlightened brain. Light a way… It starts with my name… (lost in translation) DECODE•SimplifyΞ Amplify (Me)↑internal

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