If I could change anything. I know exactly what that one thing would be. It gets lonely out here. I’m not interested in being around anyone. I don’t have time for new friends. If it doesn’t make dollar’s it doesn’t make sense. Literally. Figuratively. I mean that. I got a whole lot going on. My days and nights are long. I’m busy. I don’t want to be bothered. I’m focused. I hate talking on the phone. Ten minutes max and I tuned out at five. My time most valuable. I’m never on time. I’m early. Being on time means I’m late. Everything is scheduled. If your late. I will not wait. I live by a to-do list. Do this.. do that. I cross one thing off and add another. I need someone who gets me. That does not make excuses or complain. I need someone who realizes I’m nutty. Borderline insane. But, I’m smart and they want a piece of me. My life. My infectious energy. Follow my lead. Do what I need. Cause me no extra effort. Or I will lose interest.

I have twenty notebooks. That is not an exaggeration. I need you to know how to navigate them. Assist me. Impress me. You will go far. I build you up. I will teach you who you are. You will gain knowledge and strength. My words are straight and direct. I have no expectations. I have requirements. I lead by example. I word hard. I get dirty. I’ll take a  discount by being flirty. It’s going to take someone very special. Someone who has the desire to learn to juggle.

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