on tilt

Brunette locks. Gold shocks. Air pressure on tilt. Need water. Looking slightly wilt-ed. Warm and comfy bundled inn my homemade quilt from miscellaneous scrap material pieces. To me a treasure like the family kieshla. Kinda an inside secret. A stunning family heirloom. Memories to surely leave you speechless. Moved back to the town.. Had to learn to turn my frown upside down. It’s a hard knock life. Your never fully dressed without a smile for sure and for me my smile happens to be my sword. Every night I’m on me knees.. Praying to the Lord. Please God wont you save me! I surrender.. Done with my kicking and screaming. My star is beginning to brighten. Damn that I’m beaming. Eating. Appetite is back. Give me a few more months.. Between that and HOT A$$ Yoga.. I’m bout to be stacked. ALL coming full circle. This was a hell of a test. I was a hell of a mess. Oh me oh my.. Life has been a fight. ALL adding to my story. Glory. Sun-dance kid. Missionary. Visionary. Sworn in to secrecy. HUSH hush.. baby. You better not say a word. ha-HA-ha-HA-ha Were coming for you. Door number two. Running through. Shiny lights. Taking flights. Mesmerized. By my skull-cap and contact eyes. shy. ALIVE. Blue eyes tonight.. Shiny Golden high-lights. Snow-white wrangler. Hard top. Coming through. Edgy. crystal clear. blunt free. AHCHOO! bless me. bless me. Life in the fast lane. Carpool lane. Riding dolo. With a crazy team. Powder puff cream puffs. Popping Rolo’s. Pit stop – Me and Ms. Molly.. Feeling real jolly. Pollinating. Politicking. Time. No ticking. Whispers of love.. Passed to my sisters. Triplicity. Tinkerbell casting spells.. Fairy dust.. glitter. designer skin shimmer. glow angels with halos on tilt. Motivated by the best. Quadruplicating our quest. Wont stop. Don’t know how to stop. Tried to take me down.. a very windy road. Cut throat. Nearly  washed away by the stormy coast. Giving up ALL flesh. Alive and Dead. Hard to rest. No more roast. Sleep in bed alone. Holding my ground. Protecting my throne. I see you.. seeing me. I got a royal flush.. ALL hearts. Am I bluffing? Are you brave enough to call me? I’m ALL in. Get the fuck outta here.


Blessed. Oh Yes, I AM

Need to start writing again.. My end of the evening cleanse. Like journaling.. writing to ALL of you is a true form of therapy. Venting. Breathing through my pen. Letting you in.. Instead of just expecting you to understand.. why it’s taken me so long to come back.. Reflecting on my most intimate moments. Refueling your love. I miss your comments.. Must keep this blog running. Solid. No cracks. So, you ALL continue to show love and have a reason to check back. Check on me.. No more holding back.. No matter how HEAVY life continues to get.. I shall never forget. ALL the love. ALL the support. ALL the feedback. Reminders. Fuel for court. I have shut down again in a sense. Moving ultra fast. Different location. Everyday new destinations. Attempting to fit as much as each new day allows. No longer stopping long enough to write about what happens on my journey of my daily prowl.. Becoming as direct as Simon Cowell. I blot my forehead after HOT yoga with a downy softened towel. Stopping to write means forcing myself to rethink , relive, re-breathe the pain I just exhaled. Moving onto the next obstacle, next step keeping my stamina for what I know is coming next…

I close my eyes in hopes to forget. Push aside.  No more puff puff pass.. to subside the anxiety lurking inside. If I stop to explain I mean say.. anything about any I mean ALL of it.. I may just possibly sink quicksand deep. With no coming back. Because……………………….. I’m tired. I truly am. I arrived here.. to what feels like a whole new planet.. Instantly to massive wait. I came ready for battle. As if I were conditioning for Kuwait. BAM, BOMB, HATE, FATE, State of disaster, Fast. FasT, FASTER! One thing after another. CONFLICT. Mishaps. Compiling. Merging disasters! Passing by mirrors. I don’t recognize this girl. Only reacting to smoke signals. Everything most important. Love potent. Directing me. Through feeling, desire, GOD. Time moving FAST. No moment appears to last. Replaced by Rage. Igniting to flames carried along in the wind. Love conflicted with Sin. Stretched…. ALL the way out. THIN. In weight as in wealth. Gaining richness as in health. I bide my time. Needed. De-pleated. Sucked empty. Manuka honey. I find very little funny. Serious as I want to be. I AM energy. Resourcefulness enough to lighten up a mood. Brighten up a room. Flip you like a light-switch your attitude. Smiling with sincere gratitude. Blessed, Happiness, Luck, Joy I exude when I AM ON. off I shut down when I am alone. Calming my inner soul. I speak to my Grandpa with such.. clarity. Crisp clear words flow from my lips. I practice patience where he lives. I am forced to slow down . Becoming.. gentle. Docile with a fiery inner strength. I choose my words with great care. I do not curse. I feel blessed beyond words to have this time. As time is limited. Memories I will cherish for a lifetime and into the next. I keep my telephone near. To hear the calls I anticipate daily. My daily bread. Lifelines. Hanging up recharged. In bed at night I say my prayers. No-longer picking up my pen. Feeling power in my prayers. My God. Granting my desires. Forgiving my sins. Blessed. Oh Yes, I AM.

Fantasy “Me”

Early, late.. Depending how you look at it. Missing you.. Wishing I could’ve crawled into bed with you.. (huge problem) HUGE. Inserting myself between the sheets.. My whole, full body.. fine like vintage wine.. absent of you. Not there waiting.. rushing me, or carrying me.. tucking me in…

When that day does cum again.. and yes, it shall cum. I am going to appreciate you that much more. Everything, you, us, so much. I have in store for you. More than just a trick or two.. or three or four…. Fuck it keep the lights on. DON’T close the door. Leave the window open while you’re at it.. or shall I say we’re at it.. Naked.. HOT pink patent leather peek a boo six-inch heels.. kissing and caressing you.. I start with your neck, moving to your ear, then to your d.. uhh you know what. I have a big mouth. You, yourself well en-doubt.. MMmmmm my extra long tongue.. You squirm.. as you’re not ready to cummmmMMmm.. It’s okay.. daddy.. we’ll do it again, again and again.. Passion to fun, romance to grunge. Tasting ALL of you. Taking my time to satisfy you. KISS ME. Devour me. Conquer me while I submit. Taking in your scent.. Loving every single thing about you.. My King. Your Queen Jewel. Tease you.. I need not. We already tied the knot. Fully committed. Infatuated, obsessed, smothering you while we make love and fuck. Janet Jackson, Maxwell, Goapele, Jill Scott.. Surpassing 12 rounds.. Championship/Mastermind bound. Taste me. Don’t stop. Just kicking off my heels.. For something a little.. more enticing..   Strapping on stiletto highrise thigh highs.. BLACK, matte, Leather. Stitched with army green threading. Getting on top.. Riding wild. Pretty girl rock style. NOW SAY MY NAME. That’s an order. Fair exchange, No robbery. Please honey.. I’ll do a couple  squats for you.. Dog-down position. Doing that thing I do.. Driving you sexually insane. Submitten’.  while you give yourself to me.. Pumping mad blood through your veins. Pulsating. Convulsing. I want it ALL. Every fiber of your supreme being.. Pinot Noir in hand. Damn near doing a one hand, hand stand.. In our two-man band. Play me.. Play with me.. No auto tune needed.. We are fully in sync. Kinky, freaky, so dripping wet.. I’m squeaking..


drop.. puddle of love.. flowing.. like Floetry.. Little yous swimming inside my chamber. Glowing I am. Radiating our synced energy. I’m still ready… Madly, deeply, in love.  Secreting.. Deeper.. DEEPER.. push.. HARDER screaming in perfected ecstasy.  As your inside of me.. Grinding with me.. to the sounds of love. Feening.. for more and more.. don’t stop.. Not ever. Watch me as I shiver.. in orgasmic bliss. KISS ME. Your my forever crush..  Giving me a fucking rush.. honeymoon love. Well after a decade. Your personal lush.. more like luscious.. lips. Phat. Up and down. So, tiny you spin me round and round, my personal  mary-go-round.  Our sexual playground..  Friend or foe.. Fuck that hug..  I’m ready to suck. Lick and Love. Round fourteen. It’s official. I’m aDICKted . Cumming back for more and… more. Loving our open door policy.. Nipples hard. Your direct. Erect. Just about four am.. Do we need to think about if we want to get another session in..? Fuck control. You’ve taken over me. Just the way I love..

Choke me. Fuck me. Spank me. Pull my pony-tail. You’re the fucking me best! Got me seeing in stereo. Just a moment while I straighten my halo. Your dark angel.. Kinky and playful. Naughty and sweet. Better than a hash sprinkled treat. Gorgeous feet. Adore me Poppy.. You got a bad bitch. Fantasize with me. But, you better only have eyes for me. Lastly, slide your tongue across my clit.. Give me a treat.. while I show you my tricks.. Lickity splits. Humming with ice-cubes. I’ll be a fool for you. Sweet and silly. DARK. With no frilly.. Panties. I prefer nothing. While you dust me in diamonds.. ALL pressure between my legs. Flawless and starstruck by.. US.

TrueLife ∞ SoulMates

2 feel connected as 1 ∞ Moment of solidity..  A magical reminder of why I’m traveling down this road. Because, it is a choice and to ALL of you one day it will ALL make sense. Why I’m here. What I’m attempting.. ALL in the name of LOVE.

I met him so long ago.. a BRIGHT and sunny day. Big HUGE sunglasses hiding my face. Dusty truck in need of suds and some serious elbow grease love.. Their he was.. nurturing his so so shiny drop-top. Oh my my.. Who is he…? Jet black hair with flawless caramel skin. Light greenblue eyes oh my.. OH MY.. say.. it isn’t so! This dudes fine as hell and.. Oh sh*!# I just derailed. Literally off the track. My knight and shining armor, Prince of piercing looks.. euro-ess-ness with an unknown edginess.. Hmm… He’s got me completely out my box. Back in my head.. deep in thought. Perplexed. Mr. Gorgeous. Hmm! I mean.. Mr. Mysterious just happens to also be a romantic.. fine diner.. race car driver.. door opener.. poker competitor.. intellectual Oh no. No way! This is not plausible.. Not in my back yard.. Right here ALL along. This is it…! This is the moment. (my inside voice attempting to awaken my inner me.. tickling my insides.. reminders in disguise ALL telling me.. this is him.. this is love.. together again as 1) Back in real light.. I look to myself in my rear-view.. Who is this guy? and what is he?…? Cuban, Persian.. Colombian..? Maybe Syria.. Combination of ALL? Hmmm whatever, whomever.. here he is.. (TALL dark and handsome) guiding me through this drive-through car wash (modern-day fractal or wormhole).. Time elapsed this was our connection. Our free-fall. Another encounter, chapter, incarnation, magnetic vibration formatting LOVE.

DING!  DING!  There’s the bell.

For me; Life has never been the same. Yep he found me that day. Long long ago.. he promised me somewhere.. someplace… we would be together again someday.. someway.. he would find me. Manifest me into creation and on that blustering snowy December evening.. The wind was roaring. I was formatting.. it’s chill was comforting.  The sky’s sparkled. The air was crisp with a hint of vanilla-lavender-coco Chanel ish scent.. Mmmm…

DOWNLOAD: complete

ALL this.. many moons ago.. the Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ butterfly’s Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ never left my tummy.. happily fluttering.. in love ♥ like the very first  telephone call… in my grandparents kitchen, I closely listened. We planned our next encounter.. Gravity took over, Best-friends and lovers.. Beginning on a  hot spring day.. beginning of May.. My path was laid.. I have climbed and crawled. Been drug while kicking and screaming obscenities with displeasing psychotic behavior from my own insecurities, bad programing, misleading interpretation of my lost misconception of my idea of love.. and here He is. programmed with compatible software under a custom created exterior. Pre-programmed with patience and ALL my missing components, virus defenders and ALL access passwords.

We have just advanced to the next level. ↑

This is my destiny. This is our fate. True-life ∞ Soul-mates. Right on track. Thanks for jogging along with me.. I enjoy the company.. as of right now.. Life can get a little lonely.. We got time. Time is one thing we do have. Hope to make the best of it. Give him lots to come home to.. Make him proud as freewill in hell. So upon you I cast a love spell..  I AM the potion and to “YOU” I pass the goblet. I hold on tight to my kingdom, smile (sword) and gauntlet.

Good night.. TBC