Tears held in eyes.. Emotions on the rise. I continue moving. Forward. I use forward as my guide. My intuition on watch.. My third eye. Hides in the bluff.. Locked on your position. Downloading.. Your true intention. For you refuse to spit it out.. I’m not trippin, scream it, shout it! Blow out your lungs.. […]



The pain shall dissipate.. Believe and wait.

For when the time comes you’ll be the first to know. For now my Dear Daughter, Sit back and watch yourself GROW. Look at yourself. I can vividly see your halo giving you that gorgeous golden glow. Your my daughter. I made you to perfection. This is something you should know. From a Father to a Daughter. I designed you just as you are.


November Morning..

Yuck at my new coffee creamer flavor.. pumpkin spice.. Not feeling this at all. Will not let it hamper my morning routine. Thank you Lord for my Hot coffee with cream. Well, November has arrived.. Woke up super early this morning. Rise and shine. Blinds cracked. In came me. Blinded by my own light.. Five am.. I think to myself.. why would anyone at this hour want to exercise?!? I mean I’m up.. Barely wide awake. Window cracked. Freezing from the chilly ocean breeze.. ALL I can think about is coffee inside me.


Lost with out you..

I have to make something happen. A miracle. A waterfall of a windfall. Oh how I vision life to be.. So much simpler when you’re not counting pennies for gas or than checking to see if anythings left to get something to eat. I know I got it in me. I know I do.. I Do. I DO! Full of so many surprises, my bright inner light lit, not a quitter. When I’m all in. I confidently back my hand. Even with off suit seven deuce, I’ll play you. I’ll look you in your eyes as if I’m flying high on pocket rockets. Trying to figure me out..? I see you. Not going to happen to soon. I’m a chameleon. I blend in to any scene, situation or conversation. This is one of my most special gifts God’s blessed me with.


Put your high heels on! I want to hear you walk.

I’m just getting ready for bed.. brushing my brunette curly head. Thinking about me & you.. Laughing and giggling singing along ² all our sexhilarating songs.. we used to.. ooh & ah too.. Oh am I ever in the moment.. feeling kind of damp. Bout to press print & grab a postage stamp..

Three thirty-three I turn down my one thousand thread count premium satin sheets.. slip into my deep ruby silk gown.. Flowing from the ocean breeze. High Beams. High slit. High enough to easily slide a finger up through two thighs anxiously pulsating at my very sight.. Glowing from the climax building within.. Mmmm Mastermind..




In the fire. Burning flames. Ignited my mind. Slipping so fast. Caught it just in time. Is this my final answer. Where’s my lifelines? I just have to close my eyes. There is the answer. POOF* My spell set and before my very eyes.. lies the answer. TRUTH is my final answer.