Fantasy “Me”

Early, late.. Depending how you look at it. Missing you.. Wishing I could’ve crawled into bed with you.. (huge problem) HUGE. Inserting myself between the sheets.. My whole, full body.. fine like vintage wine.. absent of you. Not there waiting.. rushing me, or carrying me.. tucking me in…

When that day does cum again.. and yes, it shall cum. I am going to appreciate you that much more. Everything, you, us, so much. I have in store for you. More than just a trick or two.. or three or four…. Fuck it keep the lights on. DON’T close the door. Leave the window open while you’re at it.. or shall I say we’re at it.. Naked.. HOT pink patent leather peek a boo six-inch heels.. kissing and caressing you.. I start with your neck, moving to your ear, then to your d.. uhh you know what. I have a big mouth. You, yourself well en-doubt.. MMmmmm my extra long tongue.. You squirm.. as you’re not ready to cummmmMMmm.. It’s okay.. daddy.. we’ll do it again, again and again.. Passion to fun, romance to grunge. Tasting ALL of you. Taking my time to satisfy you. KISS ME. Devour me. Conquer me while I submit. Taking in your scent.. Loving every single thing about you.. My King. Your Queen Jewel. Tease you.. I need not. We already tied the knot. Fully committed. Infatuated, obsessed, smothering you while we make love and fuck. Janet Jackson, Maxwell, Goapele, Jill Scott.. Surpassing 12 rounds.. Championship/Mastermind bound. Taste me. Don’t stop. Just kicking off my heels.. For something a little.. more enticing..   Strapping on stiletto highrise thigh highs.. BLACK, matte, Leather. Stitched with army green threading. Getting on top.. Riding wild. Pretty girl rock style. NOW SAY MY NAME. That’s an order. Fair exchange, No robbery. Please honey.. I’ll do a couple  squats for you.. Dog-down position. Doing that thing I do.. Driving you sexually insane. Submitten’.  while you give yourself to me.. Pumping mad blood through your veins. Pulsating. Convulsing. I want it ALL. Every fiber of your supreme being.. Pinot Noir in hand. Damn near doing a one hand, hand stand.. In our two-man band. Play me.. Play with me.. No auto tune needed.. We are fully in sync. Kinky, freaky, so dripping wet.. I’m squeaking..


drop.. puddle of love.. flowing.. like Floetry.. Little yous swimming inside my chamber. Glowing I am. Radiating our synced energy. I’m still ready… Madly, deeply, in love.  Secreting.. Deeper.. DEEPER.. push.. HARDER screaming in perfected ecstasy.  As your inside of me.. Grinding with me.. to the sounds of love. Feening.. for more and more.. don’t stop.. Not ever. Watch me as I shiver.. in orgasmic bliss. KISS ME. Your my forever crush..  Giving me a fucking rush.. honeymoon love. Well after a decade. Your personal lush.. more like luscious.. lips. Phat. Up and down. So, tiny you spin me round and round, my personal  mary-go-round.  Our sexual playground..  Friend or foe.. Fuck that hug..  I’m ready to suck. Lick and Love. Round fourteen. It’s official. I’m aDICKted . Cumming back for more and… more. Loving our open door policy.. Nipples hard. Your direct. Erect. Just about four am.. Do we need to think about if we want to get another session in..? Fuck control. You’ve taken over me. Just the way I love..

Choke me. Fuck me. Spank me. Pull my pony-tail. You’re the fucking me best! Got me seeing in stereo. Just a moment while I straighten my halo. Your dark angel.. Kinky and playful. Naughty and sweet. Better than a hash sprinkled treat. Gorgeous feet. Adore me Poppy.. You got a bad bitch. Fantasize with me. But, you better only have eyes for me. Lastly, slide your tongue across my clit.. Give me a treat.. while I show you my tricks.. Lickity splits. Humming with ice-cubes. I’ll be a fool for you. Sweet and silly. DARK. With no frilly.. Panties. I prefer nothing. While you dust me in diamonds.. ALL pressure between my legs. Flawless and starstruck by.. US.

Dear God..

Thank you for Blessing me with an incredible man. A truly remarkable human being. I am so proud, humbled, grateful and fortunate to share my life with such an amazing person. ←I believe in you ↑ I do. Because, but not only because. “U” niverse) knew exactly what I needed. “U” granted my passage. ALL access. My king, Soul Mate, Daddy, Best-friend, Lover, Husband. One man to fill ALL roles. These are no easy shoes to fill.  “U” granted ALL my wishes. Truly listened. Sent me an angel.. To tame the HELL out of your winning mustang race horse. You sent him to me.. to Love him. Learn from him. Ride with him. This is the ride I’m on. 10 years strong. An eternal outer body experience next level bond. Girl I AM YOURS. Mind. ALL mine. However long. Building character, foundation strong. ALL gold. No lead. He is home and I AM E.T. Meant to be.. I just wanted to Thank You My Lord for reuniting us in our physical earth bodies. Madly, Passionately is the love I feel. Overflowing out of the openings in my body. The Trinity. The Holy Grail. I hold my ♥ very carefully as I tear through.. Tread ever so carefully. I love this man. Through you ↑ I know how much he loves me ↔ Adores me. Still gets excited to score with me←  Yeah, that’s me. Incredibly magnetic forces of energy. Choices. Made together. We made a deal. A pact. A contract. Plea deal. On my behalf.. Oh Heavenly Father Please help us through. No matter what. We have each other. No more wrong turns. Back alley tire burn.. Marks.  √ing out. Closing ALL doors to the outside world. 24hour LOCK DOWN. We share the same moon. He gently gives me a nudge. Not a judgment. But, something more thoughtfully thought of. Mass of energy. Years of  listening. Verbal kissing. My answer to any equation. I dream of the day again.. to be in his form again. I so madly miss him. Kissing him. Please promise you’ll bring him back. I believe you will. You sent him once. I believe in “U”. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I’m suffering so.. Empty nest syndrome. My eagles on the fly.. Maybe you can’t physically see him. I have him right here His third eye always on the prey/prize. I’m ALL IN. Thank you again..