united states

Manifest..ing a healthier life for me..

ALL of you. I’m letting you ALL in. I was ALL in when I started this. I’m loyal bitch. A rarity. I get this. If I could have three wishes… I would start with these Mega Millions riches. Enough paper to actually in ALL actuality TRUE reality set some things right. I AM a lotto ticket. I AM the prize.

So, starting with wish #1 I wish I may I wish I might.. receive from you ^ these Mega Million WINNING numbers tonight! I love you.. God Bless and Good night.


Put your high heels on! I want to hear you walk.

I’m just getting ready for bed.. brushing my brunette curly head. Thinking about me & you.. Laughing and giggling singing along ² all our sexhilarating songs.. we used to.. ooh & ah too.. Oh am I ever in the moment.. feeling kind of damp. Bout to press print & grab a postage stamp..

Three thirty-three I turn down my one thousand thread count premium satin sheets.. slip into my deep ruby silk gown.. Flowing from the ocean breeze. High Beams. High slit. High enough to easily slide a finger up through two thighs anxiously pulsating at my very sight.. Glowing from the climax building within.. Mmmm Mastermind..