Upgrade my independence. Fireworks remind me to celebrate. Time to live my life. Knocking all fears out the park. Got my eye on second base. Then on to the finish line in stiletto boots to win this race.  1st place. Fresh day. Fresh start. Consult my new road map, when in question… My life compass ∞ softly nudging me in the right direction. Words overrated. A verbal sedation. To shaky nerves. Pitcher of kool-aid. Still bitter. Left unstirred. Still waters. Flooded with emotion.. Time to concoct a  secret  family potion to calm  my inner ocean. In prevention of October storms on the run. Internal madness held hostage at – gun – point. Point blank. 6×8 cage no flank steaks. Half baked I got them cakes. yeah, I got them cakes.. For heaven sakes. Can you relate? Do you believe in FATE? Manifestation of your own destiny? Please my loves don’t question me. On.. my inner battles. up & down my mood constantly cackles. Shaken and broken can’t help but hear the rickety rattle. What’s the matter? Nothing.. I say; Nothing at all. Not too many of us walk before we learn to crawl. Anything is possible. That is my personal belief. I hold on too my spell book the same way Mark Zuckerberg has held onto Face book. Hell of a grip. Protecting his network from corrupt greedy crooks. Shelling out 100 million. Just for that warm fuzzy feeling.. That is what life’s all about. You can’t take it with you.. Not rollin Bentley’s  in heaven.. I say we give a shout out to Mark Zuckerberg again. For his selfless investment in the education of Gods children.. I can’t hear you…! We gotta cheer, clap and support this 26-year-old. And hope that others in his position follow suit. Who’s next? No, Oprah did not purchase Australia..  Put down the enquirer and turn off the news. I’d try TMZ they get it all. Rain, sleet or snow. Can’t tell you the last time I peacefully dined at Katsuya..

Looking quite frail. Looks can be deceiving cause even when I’m down.. My interior alerts my exterior — shell. Bulletproof. Strong as hell. Well..!  That is where I have been. In the fire. Raging flames. Ignited my mind. Slipping so fast. Caught it just in time. Is this my final answer? Where’s my lifelines? I just have to close my eyes..* There is the answer. POOF* spell set and before my very eyes.. my answer resides. TRUTH is my final answer.

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