Upgrade my independence. Fireworks remind me to celebrate. Time to live my life. Knocking all fears out the park. Got my eye on second base. Then on to the finish line in stiletto boots to win this race.  1st place. Fresh day. Fresh start. Consult my new road map, when in question… My life compass ∞ softly nudging me in the right direction. Words overrated. A verbal sedation. To shaky nerves. Pitcher of kool-aid. Still bitter. Left unstirred. Still waters. Flooded with emotion.. Time to concoct a  secret  family potion to calm  my inner ocean. In prevention of October storms on the run. Internal madness held hostage at – gun – point. Point blank. 6×8 cage no flank steaks. Half baked I got them cakes. yeah, I got them cakes.. For heaven sakes. Can you relate? Do you believe in FATE? Manifestation of your own destiny? Please my loves don’t question me. On.. my inner battles. up & down my mood constantly cackles. Shaken and broken can’t help but hear the rickety rattle. What’s the matter? Nothing.. I say; Nothing at all. Not too many of us walk before we learn to crawl. Anything is possible. That is my personal belief. I hold on too my spell book the same way Mark Zuckerberg has held onto Face book. Hell of a grip. Protecting his network from corrupt greedy crooks. Shelling out 100 million. Just for that warm fuzzy feeling.. That is what life’s all about. You can’t take it with you.. Not rollin Bentley’s  in heaven.. I say we give a shout out to Mark Zuckerberg again. For his selfless investment in the education of Gods children.. I can’t hear you…! We gotta cheer, clap and support this 26-year-old. And hope that others in his position follow suit. Who’s next? No, Oprah did not purchase Australia..  Put down the enquirer and turn off the news. I’d try TMZ they get it all. Rain, sleet or snow. Can’t tell you the last time I peacefully dined at Katsuya..

Looking quite frail. Looks can be deceiving cause even when I’m down.. My interior alerts my exterior — shell. Bulletproof. Strong as hell. Well..!  That is where I have been. In the fire. Raging flames. Ignited my mind. Slipping so fast. Caught it just in time. Is this my final answer? Where’s my lifelines? I just have to close my eyes..* There is the answer. POOF* spell set and before my very eyes.. my answer resides. TRUTH is my final answer.


cant imagine

can’t imagine my life with out you. can not imagine you not next to me in bed at night. all over you while trying to watch a movie.. taking in your scent after you leave a room.. can’t imagine scrambled eggs any other way but yours.. i miss you so much! can’t imagine only doing laundry for one.. not having fun with you and your son.. can’t imagine valentines day all after day.. i will stand for you.. wait for you.. sending you love through “love letters” and kisses through the phone.. time and distance will surely show how intensely magical our love will only continue to grow.

this mastermind you already know..  all my love. ALWAYS.

Together we walk the line

Mastermind ∞ I am so blessed.. I know this. Mastermind. Mine. ALL mine. Whom means the world to me..  My entire universe. Including, Distant worlds.. The milky way; and undiscovered galaxies. YOU my love are  my invisible  dark  energy. The glue holding all we are together. Staying ready for 2012 and any and everything. While you walk the distance. Experiencing hatred and others with nothing to lose. You accept this fate.  I double knot your laces. I hate this cold place you’re in. Yet, You take it for what it’s worth and begin this journey in your own shoes here on planet earth. The respect I have for you!  Taking care of big boy business.  You do what you say you’re gonna do. You come in truth. A man of his word. Understanding that we are in purgatory. This is HELL. We must pass this test to turn the page and see what’s next.  Another chapter. You will not close this book. We never fold. ALL In from hand number one.  That’s what happens when your young and in love. Raised to never give up. No matter what. Stay true to who you are. Yes, sometimes that creates scars. War wounds of sorts. Never ending stories in and out of different Port(holes)/Court(doors). Distant love holds forever strong.  However long. This shall take. I will be here. Standing tall. Standing strong.

Never jeopardizing Me. Us. My safety.  Respecting are true love and all my needs. His backbone straight and strong. More than man enough to say I’m sorry baby… Poppy.. was wrong…

The love we share. Can not compare to any other feeling. When my King speaks, I proudly listen to his thoughts ideas and secret missions. Encouraging words of hard knock wisdom. I love this man. I am his #1 fan. We invested our everything into our kingdom (you&me). My Ruler and his Queen. A true definition of a start-up. We were built from the ground up. Foundation poured with the best cement. I’m talking designer Louis print.  You know it’s held up well. Designed to last. Never falter. Not a sway. No matter what distance. No need for quick wit there is no delay or change of planes. A constant yearning. Interior battlefield. I see the white flag. I surrender God. With you I KNOW we will be okay. Considering  the constant raging flames from the past few years of HELL.  Tear down. Never that. We respect our history. So, we put in the work to repair the settled cracks.  Inspection failed. Yeah we were for real.. I carry with me my heart of steel. Needle and thread on hand for quick repair. Tissue in purse to wipe tears on the loose. Always ready. Always prepared. Like the dude from running scared. His body is all I need. My safe-place. Our combined magnetic energy exuding out the seams quickly recharging while simultaneously enlightening me breathing entirely new life into me. Mastermind madly in love with you “I AM”

As much as I love words describing my feelings for you is tough to describe. You are the glimmer that resides in my eyes. The spark in the night. A Shooting star back-lit by moon lite. Exploding fireworks in the sky. My flashlight.  My nightlight. I hear your name.. My body begins to ignite! All systems Go. This vessels ready to take flight.

It’s just not one in-particular thing.. It literally is just about every little thing.  Consciously knowing all this. Already experienced the happiness. The roadblocks and bliss. I close my eyes to taste your lips. I feel your body embracing mine. I hold this feeling. Drift asleep… ZZ zzzzz ZZ Zzz Wandering in a forest.. there you are Poppy.. You found me.

Lets stay here forever.. Avatars we are. Rain, Sun or Shine. Me and You surrounded by a higher feeling. Unseen. Supreme Being.. Divinity circles you while you circle me. The light is SO bright I feel it. I feel you. ALL the way through. Mirror image. You and I. Together right now in another world. Only thing between this one and that one is light. You guided me there. Made me dig real deep. Held in my breath. The fractal appeared so deep.. Little did I realize it was you who was holding me.. and when I opened my eyes. I see you for an instant. Fuzzy. Fading.. into star-dust. I lay there in lust. Paralyzed in love. For you are I and I AM you and we together are God and God is us too.

My Benny.. Your June.  Your Bonnie… My Clyde.  My Desi… Your Lucy.  Your June… My Johnny.

Only the strong survive.

I’m here with you. Your not alone and neither am I. Together we’ll walk this line.