Sprinkle… Kazam! She’s back. (Exhale)

I woke up feeling extra grumpy today.. not for any one particular reason. So I put on a dress. In passing..  I notice (her) reflection in mirror pretty and sad.. Whip in a snap¦ Sprinkle… Kazam! Forget all that sadness and madness. It’s time to begin living my life. I’m back. She’s back. Please don’t come at me with no craziness! Hasty? Slightly. Okay, well Yes., Today is the day. Nothing but love coming your way. I love you baby. ♥♥♥ 


Enough’s enough! I’m losing my mind over stuff.

I’m going nuts! I’m losing my mind over stuff... Enough’s enough! I understand the discouragement.. in the minimal return on your spontaneous over priced not too long ago purchase. Unneeded object that temporarily fulfilled your inner black hole. Focus. Focus on the goal. De-clutter even if I must give it away. From one room to another continuously adding to my clutter craze. My bankroll decreasing. Heavy baggage increases.

Lesson: $ Save € SAVE £ Save ¥