Highly flammable

The air is thick. Awkwardness remains UNstable. Tension on the rise. Cry out of frustration. On overflow. Highly flammable. A little unsure of how I should play this hand or take an easier route. No bluff. Stone cold. Just fold all cards in hand. Rage settles from raw emotions. Exasperated from the dramatics. Self centered fanatics. Can’t believe I’m writing about this. Running on a quart tank. High octane. At any moment I could ignite. Tension like this would make anyone consider the option of taking flight. Away from the madness. Depression and sadness. Pent up feelings of how you truly feel. Passing on these feelings through random lines and mail. Chit Chat. You won’t believe what happened in the spat!?! I will not engage. I’m burnt the hell out. Take the childlike-ness to another room and by the way.. Keep my name out your mouth. This is all crazy. Entrusted loves. Information on lock-down. Strictly on a need to know basis.

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