My question to you is simply. Who exactly is ALL? JUST(us)


While leaving these inmates to rot… Not even having the decency. Courage is a better word in my opinion (again) in saying this is what is happening. We pray for liberty and justice for ALL. My question to you is simply. Who exactly is ALL? Them. JUST(us) them. Who goes to bed at night, sleeping sound, dreaming dreams, waking up to another beautiful day is responsible for this act? JUST(us) All of us. That is who ALL is. You, Me, Them, Your neighbor, My neighbor. Humans in ALL.   

The guards instructed by the warden, instructed by the military, instructed by the government. Who knows how this went down. It was an each man for himself mentality. That’s moral? These are the trusted individuals we allow to make our decisions. Think about it… Vivid images shake my brain. Shackled human beings in knee-deep water, struggling to stay alive. Cuffed to dead bodies decaying in infested waters. Human Life disrespected so easily. Over a traffic infraction? Really… Over a Minor Traffic Infraction. I need a moment… Reread if you need. I suggest you do. This is life. Real life events you probably had no idea even took place.  How is this Just? What is Just? 

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